Recommended: Cyberpunk

Read: Ghost in the Shell (by Shirow Masamune)

A Japanese Manga that follows the fictional Public Security Section 9 which is charged with investigating and subduing cybercrime and cyber terrorism. The Manga is a good mix of action and intellect, sometimes delving into philosophical questions such as what makes us human. It should be noted however, that this is very much an adult book as there are scenes of violence and sexual content.

The Manga is available from Amazon (at time of writing) for about £20. I recommend checking your local comic book store too just in case 🙂

Ghost in the Shell

Watch: Blade Runner (Dir by Ridley Scott)

A beautiful film with gorgeous visuals, a wonderful musical score and a very personal story. A book adaptation that differs to the source but without losing its soul. Based upon Philip k. Dick’s seminal Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Blade Runner, tells the story of Deckard, a man who earns his living by hunting rogue Replicants (synthetic humans designed to work off world).

At time of writing Blade Runner is available on Blu Ray and DVD from Amazon for less than £10.

Blade Runner

Listen: Blade Runner OST (by Vangelis)

The album is a wonderful mix of sounds that invoke familiarity and otherworldliness; a haunting and beautiful piece that will transport you to a very personal world. I find this album is a great option when you want to work or relax on a rainy night.

At time of writing the standard verison of the OST is available for about £5 from Amazon.

Blade Runner OST

Play: Shadowrun Returns (Dev by Harebrained Schemes)

Based upon the Tabletop RPG game, Shadowrun Returns is a Science Fantasy turn based Role Playing Game. It combines fantasy elements like magic and races such as elves and orcs with science fiction elements like cybernetics and hacking to create something a little different. It’s a classic style RPG with no voice acting but a fair amount of reading which had me completely immersed and delighted.

At time of writing the game is available for around £10 from, Steam, and HumbleBundle.

shadowrun Returns

If you have any other Cyberpunk recommendations then please leave them in the comments below.


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