Cyberforce Rebirth Volume 1 by Marc Silverstri and Matt Hawkins

Cyberforce: Rebirth, Volume OneCyberforce: Rebirth, Volume One by Marc Silvestri
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Released in 2013 following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Cyberforce Rebirth see the return of a Top Cow classic. Cyberforce was created by Marc Silvestri, with this volume being co-written with Matt Hawkins, who also wrote the Aphrodite IX Rebirth comics.

Carin Taylor has escaped from the corporation CDI and is searching for the one man who she believes can help to stop the end of the world. During her escape, she encounters a group of CDI escapees, but will they help her? Or turn their back on her?

To be honest, I felt little connection or interest in the individual stories of the characters, as they were fairly standard. However, I thought the overall plot and ideas presented in it were good and that’s what caught my interest. The idea that a powerful company discovered when the world will end and devise a plan to survive it through the development of humans that could, was interesting. Of course, there is a downside to the plan in that it may not include the whole species and even see many innocents die.

At times, I felt the dialogue was immature, mostly the insults and quips from the various characters, so if you like immature humour, then this will be perfectly fine. If not, then this may be a problem. There are also a lot of pop-culture references dotted throughout which I felt were a little forced at times. There’s a fine line between making references tasteful and including them for the sake of it. It isn’t excessive, but some just didn’t feel natural.

Like all the Top Cow comics I have read the artwork is on top form. Kho Pham penciled and inked the comic while Sal Regla also did inking and Sunny Gho did the colouring. Stjepan Sejic also added some final art polish to the pages. The pages

Colour coding is present for both narrated and spoken sections to show specific qualities of the voice or who is talking. This makes it easy to follow the dialogue, especially with the black coloured sans font that is used for all text. Troy Peteri did the lettering.

Although it has its flaws, I enjoyed the comic. The dialogue and characters are pretty standard, but the main plot and ideas behind the story are interesting. Plus it has great artwork. I recommend Cyberforce Volume 1 to fans of the Cyberforce and Aphrodite IX series as well as those wanting an easy to read Science Fiction Action comic.

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