Cyberforce Rebirth Volume 2 by Marc Silvestri

Cyberforce: Rebirth Vol. 2 (Cyberforce (2012))Cyberforce: Rebirth Vol. 2 (Cyberforce by Marc Silvestri
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Cyberforce Rebirth Volume 2 continues straight on from the story that was started in Volume 1 and its climatic ending. Written by Marc Silvestri, the story is of the same standard of writing as the previous comic, so if you enjoyed Volume 1 you’ll enjoy Volume 2.

My main complaint with the story is the last chapter. It feels a bit rushed and a complete turnaround for the characters in regard tot he direction in which they were going in the previous chapters. If there had been more chapters then I feel we could have seen this change happen naturally, rather than it being so sudden. Especially as the ending, in regards to CDI’s plan, ended the way I expected it would. I think it just needed one more chapter to get the characters there too.

For the most part, I felt the dialogue was better than Volume 1, however, it did at times feel a bit lacklustre; cliche and run of the mill.

As I’ve stated before I tend to really like the art style used in these comics and this is one is no different. You can tell the difference between the individual artists who worked on this book as Chapter’s 5 and 6 have a slightly different style to issues 1 to 4. It’s mainly in the way the characters are drawn and this is due to Marco Turini doing the art for chapters 1 to 4 while Khoi Pham and Heubert Michael did Chapter 5 and 6 (6 was without Khoi Pham).

Much like the art the colouring was completed by several people. Arif Prianto worked on chapters 1,3 and 5 while Andry Troy did the colouring for 1 to 5 and Chris Northrop did the colouring for Chapter 6. Stjepan Sejic also added some final art polish to Chapter 1.

As the lettering was once again done by Troy Peteri, it followed the same patterns as with the previous Volume. Sans font, usually in black, with coloured backgrounds which sometimes changed to reflect the voice of the speaker. The Sound Effects were also easy to read in bold type and stood out from the action without making it feel crowded.

As standard with any comic book volume, there is a Cover Art Gallery at the back that exhibits the variations that were created for each issue. Most of the cover art variations were done by Marc Silvestri and Sunny Gho, however, Cyberforce #6 Cover B and C were done by Stjepan Sejic and John Tyler Christopher respectively.

This comic is for anyone who really likes the Cyberforce universe and Marc’s writing style. If you want a simple action comic then it does the job, just don’t expect a story of great depth. My main reason for reading it was to complete the story started in Volume 1 and to see where it goes, leading up to the events of the Aphrodite IX/Cyberforce crossover.

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